Welcome to world of IP Surveillance

Gone are the
grainy fuzzy blurred images
of analog CCTV surveillance.

Today's digital IP cameras are based
around powerful computer chips
with megapixel image sensors,
sensitive audio capabilities, speakers,
analytical intelligence,
in-built recording storage and
the abilty to control other devices.

Additionally they are instantly reachable
via any internet connected device
so you can literally be in two places

(or twenty places) at once.

Your eyes, ears, voice and hands onsite
and all remotely controllable.

IP-Surveillance.com.au Pty Ltd are experts in the design, development and supply of innovative digital IP Surveillance products.  As a company with the expertise to maximise the advanced capabilities of these remarkable new network cameras, we are commited to adapting IP Surveillance techniques and technologies to provide the best user-friendly solutions for security system integrators worldwide.